Have you ever been to a Clinic put on by Vicki & Danny Rienhardt?

If not, then you are missing out!

Come join us for our 2nd Annual Event:

 Jan 14 - 16, 2022 to jump start your year with the skills needed to succeed!

                           Spaces are limited, so register early! Will cap out at 30 riders. 

TWO Ways to Register:

Option 1 - Payment Plan: OPEN

Because this event happens right after the holidays, we have decided to offer a monthly payment plan. If you opt to use this, all fees paid prior to December 1, 2021 will be 100% refundable (no questions asked) so don't worry about something coming up last minute. We will ask that payments are paid in full no later than December 15, 2021. At that time all funds will be sent directly to Rienhardt Clinics.

Depending on the month you start making payments will determine your payment amount per person. Each full clinic is $550. Please see payment schedule:

March - 10 payments of $55

April - 1st payment $70, followed by 8 payments of $60

May - 8 payments of $68.75

June - 1st payment $100, followed by 6 payments of $75 

July - 1st payment $75, followed by 5 Payments of $95

August - 5 payments of $110

September - 1st payment $100, followed by 3 Payments of $150

October - 1st Payment $250, followed by 2 Payments of $150

To elect this option, please complete online form:

Once we get closer to the date, registration direct on the Rienhardt website will be available. 
Payment options on their site will be 50% deposit with balance due at event or Pay in Full

An Email/Text will be sent on or around the 1st of each month with reminder and PayPal QR Code/Email to make payments. PLEASE NOTE: All funds MUST be sent Friends & Family to avoid fees. 

Option 2 - Register Direct: CURRENTLY CLOSED

Once we get a little closer to the date, registration direct on the Rienhardt website will be available. 
Payment options on their site will be 50% deposit with balance due at event or Pay in Full

Be sure to select the correct dates when registering (Hacienda Hills Farm Jan 14-16 2022)


We will have a limited number of stalls for Friday and Saturday nights. Stalls will be $40 each for Friday & Saturday. Includes shavings, and morning feeding (you make your feed bucket night prior and we will fed by 5:30/6:00am so your horse is ready for the day)

We will not take payments for stalls at this time. We will wait till we get closer to be sure we have enough stalls for all. We will take request at this time and will secure with payments in order we receive:


Hook-Ups are very limited, so we will secure these first come, first serve. Payments will be needed to secure space and these will only be refundable till November 1, 2021. Hook-Up Spaces will be $50 For Friday - Sunday Night. You can Add Thursday and/or Sunday night for $20 each xtra night.

Once your request for Hook-Up is received, We will email you to let you know if one is available and ask for payment or if you have been put on the waiting List.

Concessions will be sold:

 Friday 5:00pm - 10:00pm

 Saturday 7:30am - 7:30pm

 Sunday 7:30am - 7:30pm

Saturday night dinner 8pm provided by Hacienda Hills Farm

Be sure to select "going" on our Facebook Event Page for up to date details:


What did some of the 2021 Attendees think of this event?


Nicole, I thought everything went PERFECTLY and I loved the clinic! Thank you so much for hosting it. That weekend worked for me. Again, many thanks to you and your family for opening your farm and working to make us feel so comfortable and welcome. Betty


You did a great job organizing everything and offered a quality facility with everything we needed. Not sure how you pulled all of it off so quickly after just purchasing the property. Regardless, kudos to you and your family! Thanks again for hosting. Your ranch is beautiful!


The clinic was great! We had an awesome weekend and would definitely come back next year if the dates are around the same time as this year. Thanks!


We had a blast . I would love to attend another clinic next year and even a horsemanship clinic.My daughter loved the other little girls and enjoyed learning.Please keep us posted, we would like to attend again.